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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Abandoned motor vehicles and scrap metal, license disposal personnel, revocation of license, Minn. Rules 7035.3600

Alcoholic beverages

Driver's license examinations, knowledge tests, Minn. Rules 7410.4500 to 7410.4780

Federal wholesale liquor dealer's stamp, possession, cancellation of identification card, Minn. Rules 7515.0590

Identification card violations, revocation of authority to engage in purchase, sale, or use, Minn. Rules 7515.0210

Permit violations, Minn. Rules 7515.0210, 7515.1230

Sales violations, sales to unlicensed retailers, Minn. Rules 7515.0300

Assault and battery, see ASSAULT

Boats and boating, violations and penalties, Minn. Rules 6110.2200

Civil service, false statements competitive open examinations, Minn. Rules 3900.4100

Commutations, see PARDONS

Compulsive gambling assessments, Minn. Rules 9585.0010 to 9585.0040

Contract crimes, see State construction contracts under TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT

Conviction of

Commercial drivers' license disqualification, Minn. Rules 7409.0200

Deputy registrars of motor vehicles, appointment disqualifications, Minn. Rules 7406.1000

Cosmetology, see Violations and penalties under COSMETOLOGISTS

Criminal activity, defined as emergency, police emergency radio communications, authorized use, Minn. Rules 7418.0400

Criminal proceedings, disclosure, horse racing, license applications, Minn. Rules 7870.0040, 7870.0210, 7870.0630

Definitions, state transportation construction contracts, Minn. Rules 1230.3100

Drinking water, Minn. Rules 4720.9020

Drivers' licenses, effect on, see DRIVERS LICENSES

Driving while impaired, see DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED

Energy supply emergencies, Minn. Rules 7620.0240

Family day care homes, caregivers, Minn. Rules 9502.0335

Felonies conviction

Assessors, license revocation or denial, Minn. Rules 1950.1090

Gambling assessments, Minn. Rules 9585.0010 to 9585.0040


Fire code violations, Minn. Rules 7511.0109

Human services merit system, disqualification of applicants, Minn. Rules 9575.0420

Manufactured homes, dealers, notice, Minn. Rules 1350.8500

Minimum wage, proof of minors age, Minn. Rules 5200.0010

Minnesota Zoo, Minn. Rules 9900.0100 to 9900.8000

Nonnative species violations, Minn. Rules 6216.0600

Pardons, see PARDONS

Perjury, Minn. Rules 8052.0300

Pharmacies, automatic counting and dispensing, Minn. Rules 6800.2600

Sales and use taxes, collection, out-of-state vendors, Minn. Rules 8130.4000

School bus drivers endorsement, effect of, Minn. Rules 7414.0400

Sentencing guidelines, Minn. Rules 3000.0100 to 3000.0600

State Building Code, violations, Minn. Rules 1300.0150

State trails, violation of rules, Minn. Rules 6100.4300

Taxes, practice before Revenue Department, disreputable conduct, Minn. Rules 8052.0300

Theft, see THEFT


Minnesota Zoo, Minn. Rules 9900.5400

Scientific and natural areas, Minn. Rules 6136.0400

Vending machines, pharmacies, Minn. Rules 6800.2600

Vessels and pilots regulation, violations, Minn. Rules 5225.6980

Victims reparation hearings, Minn. Rules 3050.0100 to 3050.4100

Violation of rules, outdoor recreation, Minn. Rules 6100.0525

Voter registration, false statements, Minn. Rules 8200.9115

Wild animal rehabilitation, violations of law, Minn. Rules 6244.2000

Wildlife exhibits, permits, Minn. Rules 6244.3300