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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Adult community-based residential correctional facilities, generally, Minn. Rules 2920.0100 to 2920.7600

Agriculture, defined, Minn. Rules 5200.0260

Aid to families with dependent children, see AID TO FAMILIES WITH DEPENDENT CHILDREN (AFDC)

Civil service, Minn. Rules 3900.2100

Commissions (compensation), see COMMISSIONS (COMPENSATION)

Comparable worth, Minn. Rules 3920.0100 to 3920.1300

Corporations, arbitrary charges, income taxes, Minn. Rules 8034.0100

Crop damage by elk, Minn. Rules 1506.0010 to 1506.0040


Agriculture, Minn. Rules 5200.0262

Campaign practices, Minn. Rules 4501.0100

Cosmetologists, Minn. Rules 2105.0010

Cosmetology schools, Minn. Rules 2110.0010

Discrimination, public safety employees merit system, Minn. Rules 7520.0350

Employees, missing employees, Minn. Rules 5200.0251

Employment agencies, fee determination, Minn. Rules 5200.0620

Employment compensation, lobbyist gifts, exclusion, Minn. Rules 4512.0600

Fair, defined, Minn. Rules 5200.0270

Farming unit, defined, Minn. Rules 5200.0262

Guaranteed weekly wage, Minn. Rules 5200.0211

Honorarium, defined, Minn. Rules 4501.0100

Human services merit system employees, see Compensation and salaries under HUMAN SERVICES MERIT SYSTEM

Income and franchise taxes, additions to gross income, Minn. Rules 8002.0200

Local public health employees merit system, Minn. Rules 4670.0100 to 4670.4200

Merit System Council, public safety employees merit system, Minn. Rules 7520.0400

Minimum wage, see MINIMUM WAGE

Missing employees, payment of wages, Minn. Rules 5200.0251

Motor carriers, leases, required provisions, Minn. Rules 7800.2600

Occupational safety and health investigations, see Investigations under OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH

Overtime, Minn. Rules 5200.0100 to 5200.0242

Prevailing wages, Minn. Rules 5200.1000 to 5200.1120

Public safety employees merit system, Minn. Rules 7520.0100 to 7520.1100

Rehabilitation facilities extended employment programs, Minn. Rules 3300.6000

Salary, defined, Minn. Rules 5200.0211

Seasonal workers, Minn. Rules 5200.0242

Securities, see SECURITIES

Sick pay, Minn. Rules 3315.1010

Specified, defined, Minn. Rules 5200.0261

Tips, Minn. Rules 3315.1010

Unemployment insurance, Minn. Rules 3310.2901 to 3310.2924

Vacation pay, see VACATIONS

Weekly wage, Minn. Rules 5200.0211

Workers' compensation, see WORKERS COMPENSATION

Youth employment programs, Minn. Rules 3300.0500