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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes



Addresses, Minn. Rules 2100.7000

Apprentices, licenses and registration, see under BARBERS

Barber chairs, placement and spacing, Minn. Rules 2100.7600

Boarding care homes, Minn. Rules 4660.9900, 4660.9940

Chairs, Minn. Rules 2100.7600

Chronic disease hospitals, Minn. Rules 4645.2100

Cleanliness and sanitization

Requirements, Minn. Rules 2100.8000 to 2100.8400

Violations and penalties, Minn. Rules 2100.8800, 2100.8900

Fees, Minn. Rules 2100.9300

Floor plans, Minn. Rules 2100.7100


Generally, Minn. Rules 2100.9000 to 2100.9200

Locations, permanent, Minn. Rules 2100.7000

Licenses or registrations

Registration cards, generally, Minn. Rules 2100.7100

Required, Minn. Rules 2100.7800

Licensing board, Minn. Rules 2100.0100 to 2100.9300

Lights and lighting, operation, Minn. Rules 2100.8500

Locations, permanent, Minn. Rules 2100.7000

Medical treatment, Minn. Rules 2100.7900

Nursing homes, Minn. Rules 4658.1100, 4658.1190

Operation, generally, Minn. Rules 2100.7600 to 2100.8900

Premises, use, Minn. Rules 2100.7700

Registration, see Licenses or registrations under this topic

Rules, posting requirements, Minn. Rules 2100.8700

Sanitization, Minn. Rules 2100.8000 to 2100.8900

Shop registration cards, Minn. Rules 2100.7100

Subsurface sewage treatment systems, design flow, Minn. Rules 7081.0130

Towels, cleanliness and sanitization, Minn. Rules 2100.8200

Ventilation, Minn. Rules 2100.8500

Violations and penalties, sanitary provisions

Fines or imprisonment, Minn. Rules 2100.8900

Registration, suspension or revocation, Minn. Rules 2100.8900

Responsibility, Minn. Rules 2100.8800

Workplace accident and injury reduction, Minn. Rules 5208.1500