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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Administration of law, Minn. Rules 1300.0010, 1300.0050

Air conditioning systems

Heating and frost insulators, prevailing wages, job classification descriptions, Minn. Rules 5200.1102

Residential energy code, Minn. Rules 1322.0402

Veterinarians, housing facilities, Minn. Rules 9100.0300

Asbestos abatement, Minn. Rules 4620.3560, 4620.3567, 4620.3575

Bakeries, Minn. Rules 1550.1420

Boarding care homes, see BOARDING CARE HOMES

Building materials, sales and use taxes, Minn. Rules 8130.1200

Condensate disposal, plumbing, Minn. Rules 4714.0814

Firearms dealers, security, Minn. Rules 7504.0300, 7504.0400

Food salvage establishments, Minn. Rules 1550.2630

Freestanding outpatient surgical centers, Minn. Rules 4675.1600

Hospitals, Minn. Rules 4645.2800, 4645.5400

Motor vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES

Nursing homes, see NURSING HOMES

Residential energy code, Minn. Rules 1322.0402

Wildlife exhibits, facilities and operating standards, Minn. Rules 6244.2700