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Section 204B.135 Actions during the 2018 Regular Session


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Statute Chapters and/or Statute Cites, blank for all, dash for range (e.g. 301-303), comma for list (e.g. 301.01,303.01,305.01)

New indicates coding of a new section or subdivision. Amended indicates an amendment to an existing section or subdivision, or a newly enacted section or subdivision. Repealed indicates a repeal. Revisor Instruction indicates changes to a section of Minnesota Statutes resulting from a legislatively enacted revisor instruction. Legislative action not fitting the categories "Amended," "Repeal," "New," and "Revisor Instruction" is designated "Other". Also, the actual Statute text is available both before (when applicable) and after the legislative action for each Statute.

Text Text Statute Subd Action Session Chapter Article Section
2010 2011 204B.135 1 Amended 2011 Regular Session 18 1
2009 2010 204B.135 1 Amended 2010 Regular Session 313 1
2009 2010 204B.135 3 Amended 2010 Regular Session 313 2
2009 2010 204B.135 4 Amended 2010 Regular Session 201 23
1999 204B.135 5 New 1999 Regular Session 243 6 1