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Subdivision 1.Restrictions.

A person may not transport a firearm in a motor vehicle unless the firearm is:

(1) unloaded and in a gun case expressly made to contain a firearm, and the case fully encloses the firearm by being zipped, snapped, buckled, tied, or otherwise fastened, and without any portion of the firearm exposed;

(2) unloaded and in the closed trunk of a motor vehicle; or

(3) a handgun carried in compliance with sections 624.714 and 624.715.

Subd. 2.Exception; disabled persons.

The restrictions in subdivision 1 do not apply to a disabled person if:

(1) the person possesses a permit under section 97B.055, subdivision 3; and

(2) the firearm is not loaded in the chamber until the vehicle is stationary, or is a hinge action firearm with the action open until the vehicle is stationary.

Subd. 3.Exceptions; hunting and shooting ranges.

(a) Notwithstanding provisions to the contrary under this chapter, a person may transport an unloaded, uncased firearm, excluding a pistol as defined in paragraph (b), in a motor vehicle while at a shooting range, as defined under section 87A.01, subdivision 3, where the person has received permission from the lawful owner or possessor to discharge firearms; lawfully hunting on private or public land; or traveling to or from a site the person intends to hunt lawfully that day or has hunted lawfully that day, unless:

(1) within Anoka, Hennepin, or Ramsey County;

(2) within the boundaries of a home rule charter or statutory city with a population of 2,500 or more;

(3) on school grounds; or

(4) otherwise restricted under section 97A.091, 97B.081, or 97B.086.

(b) For the purposes of this section, a "pistol" includes a weapon designed to be fired by the use of a single hand and with an overall length less than 26 inches, or having a barrel or barrels of a length less than 18 inches in the case of a shotgun or having a barrel of a length less than 16 inches in the case of a rifle:

(1) from which may be fired or ejected one or more solid projectiles by means of a cartridge or shell or by the action of an explosive or the igniting of flammable or explosive substances; or

(2) for which the propelling force is a spring, elastic band, carbon dioxide, air or other gas, or vapor.

Pistol does not include a device firing or ejecting a shot measuring .18 of an inch, or less, in diameter and commonly known as a "BB gun," a scuba gun, a stud gun or nail gun used in the construction industry, or children's pop guns or toys.

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