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Subdivision 1.Right of entry.

In all cases where state lands have been heretofore or may hereafter be sold pursuant to the provisions of law upon which minerals have been reserved, the holder of any mineral lease subsequently issued thereon may nevertheless enter upon the lands and prospect on the lands under the lease.

Subd. 2.Security for damages; condemnation.

Before entering upon lands described in subdivision 1, the lease holder shall pay or secure to the owner of the lands all damages which may arise therefrom and the same may be determined either by mutual agreement or, if the interested parties cannot agree, then the holder of the mineral lease may, in the name of the state of Minnesota, institute proceedings to condemn the same according to chapter 117; provided, that the state shall bear no part of the cost of these proceedings, nor pay any part of the damages awarded in the proceedings.

Subd. 3.Attorney general to institute condemnation.

(a) Upon written request of the holder of any mineral lease from the state, not in default, with the approval of the commissioner of natural resources, the attorney general shall institute, in the name of the state, proceedings to acquire by condemnation any lands, rights-of-way, drainage or flowage rights, easements or other interests necessary in connection with prospecting for or mining the ore covered by the lease. All costs and expenses of the proceedings and all damages awarded therein shall be paid by the holder of the lease.

(b) In any eminent domain proceedings under this section, any value which the land taken may have by reason of its location or availability for the depositing of stripping, tailings or other wastes from general mining operations in its vicinity, or for the erection of buildings or structures thereon in connection with such operations, shall be considered in determining the damages to be awarded the owner of the land.

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