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In pursuance of any plan such company shall have power, and shall be privileged, to acquire any shares of its capital stock by gift, bequest, or purchase. Until all of the shares of its outstanding capital stock are acquired, any shares so acquired shall be taken and held in trust for all the policyholders of such company, as hereinafter provided, and shall be assigned and transferred on the books of the company to three trustees, who shall be named in such plan and shall be approved by the commissioner. All shares held by such trustees shall be deemed admitted assets of such company at their par value. Such trustees, who may be directors of the company, shall vote all shares so acquired and held by them at all corporate meetings in accordance with the majority vote of policyholders voting on any question before the meeting. When all of the outstanding capital stock of any such corporation shall have been acquired, the entire capital stock of such corporation shall be retired and canceled and thereupon such corporation shall be and become a mutual life insurance company without capital stock. The plan of conversion formulated pursuant to section 66A.42 shall provide for the method of filling vacancies among such trustees. Before undertaking any of the duties of appointment each trustee shall file with the company a verified acceptance of appointment and a declaration that the person will faithfully discharge the duties of trustee. All dividends and other sums received by such trustees on the shares of stock so acquired by them shall, after paying the necessary expenses of executing the trust, be immediately repaid to such company for the benefit of all who are or may become policyholders of such company and entitled to participate in the profits or savings thereof.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes