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(a) If the court finds that compliance with the procedures of this article will likely result in substantial harm to the respondent's health, safety, or welfare, and that no other person appears to have authority and willingness to act in the circumstances, the court, on petition by a person interested in the respondent's welfare, may appoint an emergency guardian whose authority may not exceed 60 days and who may exercise only the powers specified in the order. A county that is acting under section 626.557, subdivision 10, by petitioning for appointment of an emergency guardian on behalf of a vulnerable adult may be granted authority to act for a period not to exceed 90 days. An emergency guardian's appointment under this section may only be extended once for a period not to exceed 60 days if the court finds good cause for the continuation of the guardianship. Immediately upon receipt of the petition for an emergency guardianship, the court shall appoint a lawyer to represent the respondent in the proceeding. Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (b), reasonable notice of the time and place of a hearing on the petition must be given to the respondent and any other persons as the court directs.

(b) An emergency guardian may be appointed without notice to the respondent and the respondent's lawyer only if the court finds from affidavit or other sworn testimony that the respondent will be substantially harmed before a hearing on the appointment can be held. If the court appoints an emergency guardian without notice to the respondent, the respondent must be given notice of the appointment within 48 hours after the appointment. The court shall hold a hearing on the appropriateness of the appointment within five days after the appointment.

(c) Appointment of an emergency guardian, with or without notice, is not a determination of the respondent's incapacity.

(d) The court may remove an emergency guardian at any time. An emergency guardian shall make any report the court requires. In other respects, the provisions of this article concerning guardians apply to an emergency guardian.

(e) Any documents or information disclosing or pertaining to health or financial information shall be filed as confidential documents, consistent with the bill of particulars under section 524.5-121.

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