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A lien and right of detainer exists for:

(1) transporting property, other than harvested crops or livestock, from one place to another but not as a carrier under article 7 of the Uniform Commercial Code;

(2) keeping or storing property, other than harvested crops or livestock, as a bailee but not as a warehouse operator under article 7 of the Uniform Commercial Code;

(3) the use and storage of molds and patterns in the possession of the fabricator belonging to the customer for the balance due from the customer for fabrication work;

(4) making, altering or repairing any article, other than livestock, or expending any labor, skill or material on it;

(5) reasonable charges for a vehicle rented as a replacement for a vehicle serviced or repaired and being retained as provided by this section.

The liens embrace all lawful charges against the property paid to any other person by the person claiming the lien, and the price or value of the care, storage or contribution and all reasonable disbursements occasioned by the detention or sale of the property.

If the property subject to the lien is a motor vehicle registered in this state and subject to a certificate of title and one or more secured creditors is listed on the certificate of title, a lien for storage charges for a period greater than 15 days accrues only after written notice is sent by certified mail to all listed secured creditors. The notice must state the name, address, and telephone number of the lienholder, the amount of money owed, and the rate at which storage charges are accruing. The notice provided in this section fulfills the notice to secured creditors required in section 514.20, subject to the time period required under that section.

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