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Subdivision 1.Maximum rate.

The maximum rate charged for publication of a public notice shall not exceed the lowest classified rate paid by commercial users for comparable space in the newspapers in which the public notice appears, and shall include all cash discounts, multiple insertion discounts, and similar benefits extended to the newspaper's regular customers.

Subd. 2.Rate increases.

Notwithstanding subdivision 1, no newspaper may increase its rates for publication of public notices by more than ten percent per year, as compared to the maximum rate actually charged by the newspaper in the previous year for publication of public notices, and in any case the new rate shall not exceed the rate described in subdivision 1. Nothing in this section shall be interpreted to mean that such an increase is required.

Subd. 3.Rate from competitive bidding.

When the governing board of a political subdivision awards a contract for the publication of public notices based on competitive bidding, the rate established by the competitive bidding shall be the rate charged for publication of the public notices.

Subd. 4.Publication at legal rate.

When a statute refers to publication of a public notice at the legal rate the maximum rate shall be as provided in this section.

Subd. 5.Multiyear publication contracts.

Notwithstanding other law, a political subdivision may enter into multiyear contracts with a qualified newspaper for publication of the political subdivision's public notices. No multiyear contract may be for a term longer than three years.

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