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Subdivision 1.Transfer of specific part.

When any part less than the whole of any parcel of land, as charged in the tax lists, is conveyed, the county auditor shall transfer the same whenever the seller and purchaser agree, in a writing signed by them, or personally appear before the county auditor and agree, upon the amount of the net tax capacity to be transferred therewith. If the seller and purchaser do not so agree, the county auditor shall make a division of the net tax capacity that appears just to the auditor. If the county auditor is satisfied that the proportion of the net tax capacity so agreed to be transferred is greater than the proportional value of the land to be transferred therewith, and that the agreement was made by collusion of the parties, and with a view fraudulently to evade payment of taxes assessed on the entire parcel, the auditor may refuse to make the transfer. When any such transfer has already been procured by fraudulent agreement, the auditor shall cancel it, and the land so transferred shall be charged with taxes in the same manner as though the transfer had not been made.

Subd. 2.Specific part conveyed after execution of a lender's lien.

Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 272.12, 272.121, and 272.162, a lender that acquires, through execution of a lien, any part less than the whole of any parcel of land, as charged in the tax lists, may convey that part upon payment of the proper proportion of taxes due and owing on that part. The county auditor shall determine the proper proportion of taxes to be paid. The lender shall be required to provide the county auditor with instruments that document the lender's lien and the acquisition of the part.

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