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Subdivision 1.Duty to attempt reunification, duty to search for relatives, and preferences not applicable.

A responsible social service agency with responsibility for a child pursuant to subdivision 5 is not required to attempt to reunify the child with the child's parents. Additionally, the agency is not required to search for relatives of the child as a placement or permanency option under section 260C.221, or to implement other placement requirements that give a preference to relatives if the agency does not have information as to the identity of the child, the child's mother, or the child's father.

Subd. 2.Definition.

For purposes of this section, "safe place" has the meaning given in section 145.902.

Subd. 3.Status of child.

For purposes of proceedings under this chapter and adoption proceedings, a newborn left at a safe place, pursuant to subdivision 4 and section 145.902, is considered an abandoned child under section 260E.03, subdivision 22, clause (2). The child is abandoned under sections 260C.007, subdivision 6, clause (1), and 260C.301, subdivision 1, paragraph (b), clause (1).

Subd. 4.Relinquishment of a newborn.

A mother or any person, with the mother's permission, may bring a newborn infant to a safe place during its hours of operation and leave the infant in the care of an employee of the safe place. The mother or a person with the mother's permission may call 911 to request to have an ambulance dispatched to an agreed-upon location to relinquish a newborn infant into the custody of ambulance personnel.

Subd. 5.Placement of newborn.

The agency contacted by a safe place pursuant to section 145.902, subdivision 2, shall have legal responsibility for the placement of the newborn infant in foster care for 72 hours during which time the agency shall file a petition under section 260C.141 and ask the court to order continued placement of the child in foster care. The agency shall immediately begin planning for adoptive placement of the newborn.

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