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Subdivision 1.Requirements.

This section governs the intensive community supervision programs established under section 244.13. The commissioner shall operate the programs in conformance with this section. The commissioner shall administer the programs to further the following goals:

(1) to punish the offender;

(2) to protect the safety of the public;

(3) to facilitate employment of the offender during the intensive community supervision and afterward; and

(4) to require the payment of restitution ordered by the court to compensate the victims of the offender's crime.

Subd. 2.Good time not available.

An offender serving a sentence on intensive community supervision for a crime committed before August 1, 1993, does not earn good time, notwithstanding section 244.04.

Subd. 3.Sanctions.

The commissioner shall impose severe and meaningful sanctions for violating the conditions of an intensive community supervision program. The commissioner shall provide for revocation of intensive community supervision of an offender who:

(1) commits a material violation of or repeatedly fails to follow the rules of the program;

(2) commits any misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or felony offense; or

(3) presents a risk to the public, based on the offender's behavior, attitude, or abuse of alcohol or controlled substances. The revocation of intensive community supervision is governed by the procedures in the commissioner's rules adopted under section 244.05, subdivision 2.

An offender whose intensive community supervision is revoked shall be imprisoned for a time period equal to the offender's term of imprisonment, but in no case for longer than the time remaining in the offender's sentence. "Term of imprisonment" means a time period equal to two-thirds of the sentence originally executed by the sentencing court, minus jail credit, if any.

Subd. 4.All phases.

Throughout all phases of an intensive community supervision program, the offender shall submit at any time to an unannounced search of the offender's person, vehicle, or premises by an intensive supervision agent. If the offender received a restitution order as part of the sentence, the offender shall make weekly payments as scheduled by the agent until the full amount is paid.

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