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(a) Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 216B.38 to 216B.42, whenever a municipality which owns and operates an electric utility (1) extends its corporate boundaries through annexation or consolidation, or (2) determines to extend its service territory within its existing corporate boundaries, the municipality shall thereafter furnish electric service to these areas unless the area is already receiving electric service from an electric utility, in which event, the municipality may purchase the facilities of the electric utility serving the area.

(b) The municipality acquiring the facilities shall pay to the electric utility formerly serving the area the appropriate value of its properties within the area which payment may be by exchange of other electric utility property outside the municipality on an appropriate basis giving due consideration to revenue from and value of the respective properties. In the event the municipality and the electric utility involved are unable to agree as to the terms of the payment or exchange, the municipality or the electric utility may file an application with the commission requesting that the commission determine the appropriate terms for the exchange or sale. After notice and hearing, the commission shall determine appropriate terms for an exchange, or in the event no appropriate properties can be exchanged, the commission shall fix and determine the appropriate value of the property within the annexed area, and the transfer shall be made as directed by the commission. In making that determination the commission shall consider the original cost of the property, less depreciation, loss of revenue to the utility formerly serving the area, expenses resulting from integration of facilities, and other appropriate factors.

(c) Until the determination by the commission, the facilities shall remain in place and service to the public shall be maintained by the owner. However, the electric utility being displaced, serving the annexed area, shall not extend service to any additional points of delivery within the annexed area if the commission, after notice and hearing, with due consideration of any unnecessary duplication of facilities, shall determine that the extension is not in the public interest.

(d) When property of an electric utility located within an area annexed to a municipality which owns and operates an electric utility is proposed to be acquired by the municipality, ratification by the electors is not required.

(e) When property of an electric utility located within the existing corporate boundaries of a municipality that currently operates a municipal electric utility is proposed to be included within the service territory of the municipal electric utility, ratification by the electors is not required.

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Revisor of Statutes