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Subdivision 1.Civil action; damages.

A person may bring a civil action seeking redress for violations of sections 181.02, 181.03, 181.031, 181.032, 181.08, 181.09, 181.10, 181.101, 181.11, 181.13, 181.14, 181.145, and 181.15 directly to district court. An employer who is found to have violated the above sections is liable to the aggrieved party for the civil penalties or damages provided for in the section violated. An employer who is found to have violated the above sections shall also be liable for compensatory damages and other appropriate relief including but not limited to injunctive relief.

Subd. 2.District court jurisdiction.

An action brought under subdivision 1 may be filed in the district court of the county wherein a violation is alleged to have been committed, where the respondent resides or has a principal place of business, or any other court of competent jurisdiction.

Subd. 3.Attorney fees and costs.

In an action brought under subdivision 1, the court shall order an employer who is found to have committed a violation to pay to the aggrieved party reasonable costs, disbursements, witness fees, and attorney fees.

Subd. 4.Employer; definition.

"Employer" means any person having one or more employees in Minnesota and includes the state or a contractor that has assumed a subcontractor's liability within the meaning of section 181.165 and any political subdivision of the state. This definition applies to this section and sections 181.02, 181.03, 181.031, 181.032, 181.06, 181.063, 181.10, 181.101, 181.13, 181.14, and 181.16.

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