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Subdivision 1.Definition.

For the purposes of this chapter, "board" means the Board of Barber Examiners.

Subd. 2.Board of Barber Examiners.

(a) A Board of Barber Examiners is established to consist of four barber members and one public member, as defined in section 214.02, appointed by the governor.

(b) The barber members shall be persons who have practiced as registered barbers in this state for at least five years immediately prior to their appointment; shall be graduates from the 12th grade of a high school or have equivalent education, and shall have knowledge of the matters to be taught in registered barber schools, as set forth in section 154.07. One of the barber members shall be a member of, or recommended by, a union of journeymen barbers that has existed at least two years, and one barber member shall be a member of, or recommended by, a professional organization of barbers.

Subd. 3.Membership terms.

(a) Membership terms, compensation of members, removal of members, the filling of membership vacancies, and fiscal year and reporting requirements shall be as provided in sections 214.07 to 214.09. The provision of staff, administrative services and office space; the review and processing of complaints; the setting of board fees; and other provisions relating to board operations shall be as provided in chapter 214.

(b) Members appointed to fill vacancies caused by death, resignation, or removal shall serve during the unexpired term of their predecessors.

Subd. 4.Comprehensive examination.

"Comprehensive examination" means all parts of a test administered by the board, including but not limited to written, oral, and practical components.

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