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Subdivision 1.Scope.

The sections referred to in this section are codified outside this chapter. Those sections classify higher education data as other than public, place restrictions on access to government data, or involve data sharing.

Subd. 2.Public postsecondary education; immunization files.

Data sharing of immunization records is governed by section 135A.14, subdivision 4.

Subd. 3.Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

(a) General. Data sharing involving the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and other institutions is governed by section 136A.05.

(b) Student financial aid. Data collected and used by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education on applicants for financial assistance are classified under section 136A.162.

(c) Minnesota college savings plan data. Account owner data, account data, and data on beneficiaries of accounts under the Minnesota college savings plan are classified under section 136G.05, subdivision 10.

(d) School financial records. Financial records submitted by schools registering with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education are classified under section 136A.64.

(e) Enrollment and financial aid data. Data collected from eligible institutions on student enrollment and federal and state financial aid are governed by sections 136A.121, subdivision 18, and 136A.1701, subdivision 11.

(f) Student complaint data. Data collected from student complaints are governed by sections 136A.672, subdivision 6, and 136A.8295, subdivision 7.

Subd. 4.Private career schools; inspection.

Data obtained from an inspection of the financial records of a school are governed by section 136A.83.

Subd. 5.Use of Social Security numbers.

Certain restrictions on the use of Social Security numbers are governed by section 325E.59.

Subd. 6.Campus sexual assault data.

Data relating to allegations of sexual assault at a postsecondary institution are classified under section 135A.15.

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