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Subdivision 1.Conditions to affect public waters.

An agent or employee of another may not construct, reconstruct, remove, or make a change in a reservoir, dam, or waterway obstruction on a public water or in any manner change or diminish the course, current, or cross section of public waters unless the agent or employee has:

(1) obtained a signed statement from the property owner stating that the permits required for the work have been obtained or a permit is not required; and

(2) mailed or electronically transmitted a copy of the statement to the regional office of the Department of Natural Resources where the proposed work is located.

Subd. 2.Violation; separate offense.

Violation of this section is a separate and independent offense from other violations of this chapter.

Subd. 3.Form for compliance.

The commissioner shall develop a form to be distributed to contractors' associations and county auditors to comply with this section. The form must include:

(1) a listing of the activities for which a permit is required;

(2) a description of the penalties for violating this chapter;

(3) the mailing addresses, electronic mail addresses, and telephone numbers of the regional offices of the Department of Natural Resources;

(4) a statement that water inventory maps completed according to section 103G.201 are on file with the auditors of the counties; and

(5) spaces for a description of the work and the names, mailing addresses, electronic mail addresses, and telephone numbers of the person authorizing the work and the agent or employee proposing to undertake it.

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