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2015 Minnesota Statutes


Subdivision 1.Transportation prohibited.

Unless specifically authorized under a license or permit issued by the commissioner, a person may not transport aquatic macrophytes, except as provided in this section.

Subd. 2.Exceptions.

Unless otherwise prohibited by law, a person may transport aquatic macrophytes:

(1) that are duckweeds in the family Lemnaceae;

(2) for purposes of constructing shooting or observation blinds in amounts sufficient for that purpose, provided that the aquatic macrophytes are emergent and cut above the waterline;

(3) when legally purchased or traded by or from commercial or hobbyist sources for aquarium, wetland or lakeshore restoration, or ornamental purposes;

(4) when harvested for personal or commercial use if in a motor vehicle;

(5) to the department, or another destination as the commissioner may direct, in a sealed container for purposes of identifying a species or reporting the presence of a species;

(6) that are wild rice harvested under section 84.091;

(7) in the form of fragments of emergent aquatic macrophytes incidentally transported in or on watercraft or decoys used for waterfowl hunting during the waterfowl season; or

(8) when removing water-related equipment from waters of the state for purposes of cleaning off aquatic macrophytes before leaving a water access site.

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