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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 580. Mortgages; Foreclosure by Advertisement

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
580.001MS 2006 Renumbered 15.001
580.02Requisites for Foreclosure
580.021Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
580.025Foreclosure Data
580.03Notice of Sale; Service on Occupant
580.031Repealed, 1983 c 215 s 16; 1984 c 474 s 7; 1985 c 306 s 26; 1987 c 292 s 36; 1989 c 350 art 16 s 7; 1990 c 575 s 11
580.032Request for Notice; Mailed Notice
580.04Requisites of Notice
580.041Foreclosure Advice and Redemption Rights Notice to Owners
580.042Foreclosure Advice Notice to Tenant
580.045Record Owner with No Financial Interest
580.05Attorney to Foreclose; Record of Power
580.06Sale, How and by Whom Made
580.08Separate Tracts
580.09Foreclosure of Installment; Sale; Proceeds; Redemption
580.11Mortgagee or Assignee May Purchase
580.12Certificate of Sale; Record; Effect
580.13Premises in More Than One County; Record
580.14Execution after Expiration of Term
580.15Perpetuating Evidence of Sale
580.16Repealed, 2005 c 4 s 153
580.17Affidavit of Costs
580.18Excessive Costs or Interest
580.19Certificate As Evidence
580.20Action to Set Aside for Certain Defects
580.21Action to Set Aside Sale; Limitation
580.22Interest of Purchaser; Attachment or Judgment
580.225Satisfaction of Judgment
580.23Redemption by Mortgagor; Affidavit of Nonagricultural Use; Waiver
580.24Redemption by Creditor
580.25Redemption, How Made
580.26Certificate of Redemption; Record
580.27Effect of Redemption
580.28Action to Set Aside Mortgage; Foreclosure; Redemption
580.29Holder of Junior Mortgage May Pay Default in Prior Mortgage
580.30Mortgages, When Reinstated

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