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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 517. Civil Marriage

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
517.0001MS 2006 Renumbered 15.001
517.01Civil Marriage Contract
517.02Persons Capable of Contracting
517.03Prohibited Civil Marriages
517.04Persons Authorized to Perform Civil Marriages
517.041Power to Appoint Court Commissioner; Duty
517.05Credentials of Minister
517.06Parties Examined
517.071Repealed, 1978 c 699 s 17
517.08Application for License
517.10Certificate; Witnesses
517.101Certified Copies of Civil Marriage Certificate
517.11Repealed, 1951 c 700 s 5
517.12Repealed, 1951 c 700 s 5
517.13Penalty for Failure to File Certificate
517.14Illegal Civil Marriage; False Certificate; Penalty
517.15Unauthorized Person Performing Ceremony
517.16Immaterial Irregularity of Officiating Person Does Not Void
517.17Repealed, 1978 c 772 s 63
517.18Civil Marriage Solemnization
517.19Repealed, 1980 c 589 s 38
517.201Relationship to Other Law; Rules of Construction
517.21American Family Day
517.23Meaning of Civil Marriage

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