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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 270B. Tax Data, Classification and Disclosure

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
270B.02Classification of Data
270B.03Disclosure to Data Subject
270B.04Statistical Studies
270B.05Disclosure in Tax Proceeding
270B.06Disclosure in Investigation
270B.07License Clearance
270B.08Sales Tax Permits
270B.081Sales Tax Exemption Certificates
270B.085Disclosures in Collection Actions
270B.09Contracts with the State or Political Subdivision; Setoff
270B.10Information in Public Record
270B.11Disclosure to Locate Taxpayers Owed Refund
270B.12Disclosure to State, Federal, and County Authorities
270B.13Vendors Hired for Tax Administration Purposes
270B.131Disclosure of Contents of Tax Returns
270B.14Disclosure for Purposes Other Than Tax Administration
270B.15Disclosure to Legislative Auditor and State Auditor
270B.16Discovery of Revenue Data
270B.161Data and Information on Mine Value of Ore
270B.18Criminal Penalties

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