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2001 Minnesota Statutes

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Chapter 122A. Teachers and Other Educators

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
122A.05Professional practices; intent.
122A.07Board of teaching membership.
122A.12Board of school administrators.
122A.14Duties of board of school administrators.
122A.15Teachers, supervisory and support personnel, definitions, licensure.
122A.16Qualified teacher defined.
122A.162Licensure rules.
122A.163Teacher rule variances; commissioner.
122A.164Repealed, 1998 c 398 art 6 s 38
122A.17Validity of certificates or licenses.
122A.18Board to issue licenses.
122A.19Bilingual and English as a second language teachers; licenses.
122A.20Suspension or revocation of licenses.
122A.21Teachers' and administrators' licenses; fees.
122A.22District recording of teacher licenses.
122A.23Applicants trained in other states.
122A.24Alternative preparation licensing for teachers.
122A.25Nonlicensed community experts; variance.
122A.26Community education teachers; licensure requirements.
122A.27Alternative preparation licensing for administrators.
122A.28Teachers of deaf and hard-of-hearing students; licensure requirements.
122A.29Teachers of blind and visually impaired students; licensure requirements.
122A.30Exemption for technical college instructors.
122A.31American sign language/English interpreters.
122A.32Requirements for assessment professionals.
122A.33License and degree exemption for head coach.
122A.40Employment; contracts; termination.
122A.41Teacher Tenure Act; cities of the first class; definitions.
122A.413Educational improvement plan.
122A.414Alternative teacher compensation.
122A.415Alternative compensation aid.
122A.42General control of schools.
122A.43Short-term, limited contracts.
122A.44Contracting with teachers; substitute teachers.
122A.45Teacher contracts for summer school.
122A.46Extended leaves of absence.
122A.47Return to full-time work.
122A.48Teacher early retirement incentive program.
122A.49Sabbatical leave for teachers.
122A.50Preparation time.
122A.51Teacher lunch period.
122A.52Teachers' reports.
122A.53Keeping of registers.
122A.54Exchange teachers.
122A.55Staff exchange program.
122A.56Faculty exchange and temporary assignment program.
122A.57Exchanges between education faculty.
122A.58Coaches, termination of duties.
122A.60Staff development program.
122A.61Reserved revenue for staff development.
122A.62Staff development incentive.
122A.624Educational effectiveness program.
122A.625Educational effectiveness plan.
122A.63Grants to prepare Indian teachers.
122A.64Teachers of color program.
122A.65Minority teacher incentives.
122A.66Teacher training; effects of drugs and alcohol.
122A.68Teaching residency program.
122A.69Practice or student teachers.
122A.695Best practices.
122A.70Teacher mentorship.
122A.71Research on program effectiveness.
122A.72Teacher centers.
122A.75Administrators academy.
122A.90Interstate agreement on qualifications of educational personnel.
122A.91Designated state official.
122A.92Record of contracts.

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