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On the death of any person who received any old age assistance under this or any previous old age assistance law of this state, or on the death of the survivor of a married couple, either or both of whom received old age assistance, the total amount paid as old age assistance to either or both, without interest, shall be allowed as a claim against the estate of such person or persons by the court having jurisdiction to probate the estate. If the value of the estate of any such person has been enhanced as a result of the failure on the part of a recipient to make a full disclosure of the amount or value of the recipient's property, or the amount or value of the combined property of a married couple, in any old age assistance proceeding, the claim shall be allowed by the court as a preferred claim and have preference to the extent of such enhancement over all other claims, excepting only claims for expenses of administration, funeral expenses, and expenses of last sickness. If the value of any such estate, exclusive of household goods, wearing apparel, and a burial lot, is more than the value of the property of such person, as disclosed by the applicant in any old age assistance proceeding, it shall be prima facie evidence that the value of such estate was enhanced by the payment of old age assistance to the extent of the excess, but not exceeding the total amount of old age assistance paid to such person or persons. The statute of limitations which limits the county agency or the state agency, or both, to recover only for assistance granted within six years shall not apply to any claim made under Minnesota Statutes 1971, sections 256.11 to 256.43 for reimbursement for any assistance granted hereunder.

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