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Subdivision 1.History of efforts to establish.

The legislature finds that the untiring efforts of citizens of the state of Minnesota, first formally enunciated by the legislature in 1891 by concurrent resolution number 13, together with efforts of citizens of other states, have culminated in the enactment by the second session of the 91st Congress of an act authorizing the establishment of Voyageurs National Park in the state of Minnesota; (Public Law 91-661).

Subd. 2.Purpose of park.

The legislature concurs with the stated purpose of Congress in authorizing the establishment of the park. It is, therefore, the purpose of sections 84B.01 to 84B.10 to preserve, for the inspiration and enjoyment of present and future generations, the outstanding scenery, geologic conditions, and waterway system which constituted a part of the historic route of the voyageurs, who contributed significantly to the opening of the northwestern United States.

Subd. 3.Public interests served by establishment of park.

Sections 84B.01 to 84B.10 are a necessary first step in the establishment of the park and is in furtherance of the provisions of section 101 of the act of Congress authorizing the establishment of the park. The Voyageurs National Park will be the largest park area within the state and will be of especial and immediate benefit to the citizens of the state, due to its accessibility to them, and to the effect it may reasonably be expected to have on the development of tourism and related economic activities. Sections 84B.01 to 84B.10 will, therefore, promote the health and welfare of the citizens of the state of Minnesota.


1971 c 852 s 1

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes