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Subdivision 1.Certain wages included for ratemaking.

The rating association or an insurer shall include wages paid for a vacation, holiday, or sick leave in the determination of a workers' compensation insurance premium.

An insurer, including the assigned risk plan, shall not include wages paid for work performed in an adjacent state in the determination of a workers' compensation premium if the employer paid a workers' compensation insurance premium to the exclusive state fund of the adjacent state on the wages earned in the adjacent state.

Within 30 days of October 1, 1995, a licensed data service organization on behalf of its members shall file an amendment to its charged class premium rates to reflect the inclusion of vacation, holiday, and sick leave wages in the determination of premium. Within 30 days of the filing of those pure premium rates each insurer shall amend its filed schedule of rates to reflect the inclusion of vacation, holiday, and sick leave wages in the determination of premium.

Subd. 2.Division of payroll.

An insurer shall permit an employer to divide a payroll among the rating classifications most closely fitting the work actually performed by each employee in a four-hour block or more for purposes of premium calculation when the employer's records provide adequate support for a division.

Subd. 3.Payroll computations for certain public employees.

The commissioner of commerce in setting the assigned risk plan rates or an insurer shall compute a premium for an elected or appointed official of a town based on the actual annual wage received from the town.

Subd. 4.Experience modification factor revision for certain closed claims.

An insurer or an employer insured under a workers' compensation policy subject to an experience rating plan may request in writing of the data service organization computing the policy's experience modification factor that the most recent factor be revised if each of the following criteria is met:

(1) a workers' compensation claim under that policy is closed between the normal valuation date for that claim and the next time that valuation is used in computing the experience modification factor on the policy;

(2) the data service organization receives a revised unit statistical report containing data on the closed claim in a form consistent with its filed unit statistical plan; and

(3) inclusion of the closed claim in the experience modification factor calculation would impact that factor by five percentage points or more.

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Revisor of Statutes