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Upon request of a home rule charter or statutory city council or county or town board by resolution presented to the county auditor of the county of the affected territory a board shall be established to exercise planning and land use control authority in the unincorporated area within two miles of the corporate limits of a city. The board shall have members in a number determined by the city, county, and town. Each governmental unit shall have an equal number of members. The members shall be appointed from the governing bodies of the city, county, and town. Upon request of more than one county or town board with respect to the unincorporated area within two miles of the corporate limits of a single city, the parties may create one board rather than a separate board for each county or town, with equal membership from each affected governmental unit. The board shall serve as the governing body and board of appeals and adjustments for purposes of sections 462.351 to 462.364 within the two-mile area. The board shall have all of the powers contained in sections 462.351 to 462.364 and shall have authority to adopt and enforce the State Fire Code promulgated pursuant to section 326B.02, subdivision 5. The city shall provide staff for the preparation and administration of land use controls unless otherwise agreed by the governmental units. If a municipality extends the application of its subdivision regulations to unincorporated territory located within two miles of its limits pursuant to section 462.358, subdivision 1a, before the creation of a joint board, the subdivision regulations which the municipality has extended shall apply until the joint board adopts subdivision regulations.

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