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Subdivision 1.Provision of credit card number.

A person shall not require as a condition of acceptance of a check, or as a means of identification, that the person presenting the check provide a credit card number.

Subd. 2.Display without recordation.

Subdivision 1 does not prohibit a person from requesting the person presenting the check to display a credit card, but the only information concerning a credit card which may be recorded is the type and issuer of the credit card and the expiration date. Subdivision 1 does not require acceptance of a check whether or not a credit card is presented.

Subd. 3.Exception.

A person may require production of and may record a credit card number as a condition for cashing a check only if: (1) the person requesting the card number has agreed with the issuer to cash or accept checks from the issuer's cardholders; (2) the issuer has agreed to guarantee cardholder checks cashed or accepted by that person; and (3) the cardholder has given actual, apparent, or implied authority for use of the card number in this manner and for this purpose.


1991 c 88 s 1