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Subdivision 1.Written plan required.

Each participant's case manager shall provide the participant with a copy of the participant's written coordinated service and support plan.

Subd. 2.Plan development timeline.

Within the timelines established by the commissioner and section 256B.0911, subdivision 3a, paragraph (e), the case manager must develop with the participant and the participant must sign the participant's individualized written coordinated service and support plan.

Subd. 3.Plan content.

Each participant's coordinated service and support plan must:

(1) include the participant's need for service and identify service needs that will be or that are met by the participant's relatives, friends, and others, as well as community services used by the general public;

(2) include the use of volunteers, religious organizations, social clubs, and civic and service organizations to support the participant in the community;

(3) reasonably ensure the health and welfare of the participant;

(4) identify the participant's preferences for services as stated by the participant or the participant's legal guardian or conservator;

(5) reflect the participant's informed choice between institutional and community-based services, as well as choice of services, supports, and providers, including available elderly waiver case management providers;

(6) identify the participant's long-range and short-range goals;

(7) identify specific services and the amount, frequency, duration, and cost of the services to be provided to the participant based on assessed needs, preferences, and available resources;

(8) include information about the right to appeal decisions under section 256.045; and

(9) include the authorized annual and estimated monthly amounts for the services.

Subd. 4.Immunity.

The lead agency must be held harmless for damages or injuries sustained through the use of volunteers and organizations under subdivision 3, clause (2), including workers' compensation liability.

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