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Subdivision 1.Type of programs.

Adult women charged with or convicted of crimes, and juvenile females charged with an offense that would be a crime if committed by an adult or adjudicated delinquent, shall be provided a range and quality of programming substantially equivalent to programming offered male persons charged with or convicted of crimes or delinquencies. Programs for female offenders shall be based upon the special needs of female offenders.

Subd. 2.Model programs.

Within the limits of money appropriated, the commissioner of corrections shall provide model programs for female offenders which respond to statewide needs and geographical areas and shall award grants for the programs. Listed in the order of importance, the programs shall:

(1) respond in a rehabilitative way to the type of offenses female offenders generally commit;

(2) respond to the problems of female offenders with dependent children;

(3) respond to the importance of developing independent living skills;

(4) assist female offenders to overcome their own extreme degree of dependency; and

(5) prepare to offer technical assistance and training toward the implementation of other similar programs when requested by local communities.

Subd. 3.County plans.

Counties shall annually submit a plan to the commissioner of corrections for approval which provides for services to female offenders in their area and which incorporates criteria for model programs established by the commissioner. Counties may agree to cooperate in preparing a joint plan and may submit and administer their plan jointly.