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129D.04 DUTIES.

Subdivision 1.Authority.

The board shall through the following activities stimulate and encourage the creation, performance and appreciation of the arts in the state:

(1) receive and consider any requests for grants, loans or other forms of assistance;

(2) advise and serve as a technical resource at the request of sponsoring organizations and political subdivisions in the state on programs relating to the arts;

(3) advise and recommend on existing or proposed activities of the departments of the state relating to the arts;

(4) accept gifts and grants to the board and distribute the same in accordance with the instructions of the donor insofar as the instructions are consistent with law;

(5) promulgate by rule procedures to be followed by the board in receiving and reviewing requests for grants, loans or other forms of assistance;

(6) promulgate by rule standards consistent with this chapter to be followed by the board in the distribution of grants, loans, and other forms of assistance;

(7) distribute according to the above procedures and standards grants, loans, and other forms of assistance for artistic activities to departments and agencies of the state, political subdivisions, sponsoring organizations and, in appropriate cases, to individuals engaged in the creation or performance of the arts; provided that a member of the board shall not participate in deliberations or voting on assistance to groups or persons in which that member has an interest as officer, director, employee, or recipient;

(8) appoint advisory committees for a term of no more than four years which the board determines are essential to the performance of its powers and duties under this section; provided that no member of an advisory committee shall serve on a committee to which the member has an application pending for a grant, loan, or other form of assistance from the board or its predecessor;

(9) serve as a fiscal agent to disburse appropriations for regional arts councils throughout the state.

Subd. 2.Exercising authority.

In performing the duties under subdivision 1, the board shall insofar as reasonably possible:

(1) avoid any actions which infringe on the freedom of artistic expression or which interfere with programs in the state which relate to the arts but which do not involve board assistance;

(2) distribute board assistance equitably according to population throughout the geographical regions of the state;

(3) give special consideration to requests for assistance for the creation or performance of types or variations of the arts which have yet to receive the level of general support and assistance given to the more established types or variations of the arts; and

(4) distribute appropriations to regional arts councils upon receipt of the biennial plan or, in even-numbered years, the annual plan update. These plans are not subject to modification by the board. The annual report from the previous year must be on file at the board before distribution of appropriations to a regional arts council.

Subd. 3.Professional touring program.

The board shall be responsible for the administration of the professional touring program.

Subd. 4.Statewide information and publicity.

The board shall develop and implement a comprehensive statewide information and publicity system. In its report required under section 129D.02, subdivision 5, the board shall summarize its activities pursuant to this subdivision.

Subd. 5.Contracting.

The board may contract as necessary in the performance of its duties.

Subd. 6.Appropriation.

The board's receipts from the sale of publications, mailing lists, recordings or media projects, and fees from seminars or workshops are annually appropriated to the board for the purposes of this section.