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Subdivision 1.Registration filing; new CPT; memorials; reversion.

If the land of a registered owner, or any right, title, interest, or estate in it is taken by eminent domain, the state or body politic, or other authority which exercises the right, shall file for registration a certified copy of a final certificate or a certified copy of a court order transferring title pursuant to section 117.042 together with an instrument containing a description of the land taken, together with the name of each owner of it, and referring to each CPT by its number and place of registration in the register of titles, and stating what estate or interest in the land is taken, and for what purpose. A memorial of the right, title, interest, or estate thus taken shall be made upon each CPT by the registrar. If the fee is taken, a new CPT shall be entered in the name of the owner for the land remaining to the owner after the taking. A new CPT may not be entered except by order of the district court or upon the written certification of the examiner of titles as to the legal sufficiency of the final certificate or court order pursuant to section 117.042 and other instruments presented for filing for the purpose of issuance of a new CPT. If the owner has a lien for damages upon the land thus taken, this fact shall be stated in the memorial of registration. All fees on account of any memorial of registration or entry of new CPTs for land thus taken shall be paid by the state or body politic or other authority which takes the land. If land which was taken for public use reverts, by operation of law, to the owner or to heirs or assigns, the district court, upon the application of the person entitled to the benefit of the reversion, and after due notice and hearing, may order the entry of a new CPT to the person entitled to it.

Subd. 2.Vacation of street or alley; legal description.

Upon the filing of a certified copy of a resolution or ordinance by a city vacating an adjoining street or alley that was dedicated to the public in a plat, a registered owner is entitled to have added to the legal description on the CPT that part of the vacated street or alley that accrues to it, provided the vacation occurred after the land was originally registered. The vacated street or alley may be added to the CPT by order of the district court or by a written directive from the examiner of titles.

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