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Each contract attempted to be entered into or indebtedness or pecuniary liability attempted to be incurred in violation of the provisions of sections 471.71 to 471.83 shall be null and void in regard to any obligation thereby sought to be imposed upon the municipality or any department thereof, and no claim therefor shall be allowed by the governing body or any officer, board, or commission; nor shall the clerk or any other officer issue or execute, nor shall the treasurer or other disbursing officer thereof pay, any check, warrant, or certificate of indebtedness issued on account thereof. Each member of the governing body, board, or commission, and each other officer of the municipality participating in or authorizing any violation of sections 471.71 to 471.83 shall be individually liable to the municipality for any damage that is caused thereby, and shall be liable to any person furnishing any labor, services, or materials on any contract entered into or obligations assumed in violation thereof. Each member of the governing body or of a board or commission who is present at any meeting thereof when any action is taken with reference to paying money or incurring indebtedness or entering into any contract in violation of the provisions of this section shall be deemed to have participated in and to have authorized the same unless the member shall have caused the member's dissent therefrom to be entered upon the minutes of the meeting.


1943 c 526 s 6; 1951 c 63 s 8; 1986 c 444

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