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(a) For purposes of this section, "state-sponsored life insurance program" means the life insurance program exclusively offered to all members of the Minnesota National Guard through the National Guard Association of Minnesota, pursuant to Public Law 93-289.

(b) The adjutant general is the official sponsor of the Minnesota National Guard state-sponsored life insurance program. The adjutant general shall:

(1) allow, facilitate, and coordinate all efforts to make the state-sponsored life insurance program available to all members of the Minnesota National Guard;

(2) provide an opportunity for members of the Minnesota National Guard to purchase state-sponsored life insurance program products;

(3) allow, facilitate, and coordinate requested allotments with the appropriate United States Property and Fiscal Office for purposes of the state-sponsored life insurance program;

(4) allow state-sponsored life insurance program representatives to provide Minnesota National Guard units with state-sponsored life insurance program briefings during annual training and drill weekends to educate members on their state-sponsored life insurance program benefits; and

(5) allow members to change or designate beneficiaries.


2018 c 136 s 1