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No county or group of counties electing to provide correctional services pursuant to sections 401.01 to 401.16 shall be eligible for the subsidy herein provided unless and until its comprehensive plan shall have been approved by the commissioner. The commissioner shall, pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act, promulgate rules establishing standards of eligibility for counties to receive funds under sections 401.01 to 401.16. To remain eligible for subsidy counties shall maintain substantial compliance with the minimum standards established pursuant to sections 401.01 to 401.16 and the policies and procedures governing the services described in section 401.025 as prescribed by the commissioner. Counties shall also be in substantial compliance with other correctional operating standards permitted by law and established by the commissioner. The commissioner shall review annually the comprehensive plans submitted by participating counties, including the facilities and programs operated under the plans. The commissioner is hereby authorized to enter upon any facility operated under the plan, and inspect books and records, for purposes of recommending needed changes or improvements.

When the commissioner shall determine that there are reasonable grounds to believe that a county or group of counties is not in substantial compliance with minimum standards, at least 30 days' notice shall be given the county or counties and a hearing conducted by the commissioner to ascertain whether there is substantial compliance or satisfactory progress being made toward compliance. The commissioner may suspend all or a portion of any subsidy until the required standard of operation has been met.