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Subdivision 1.Definitions.

(a) The definitions in this subdivision apply to this section.

(b) "Closure" means the cessation of operations of a nursing facility and delicensure and decertification of all beds within the facility.

(c) "Closure plan" means a plan to close a nursing facility and reallocate a portion of the resulting savings to provide planned closure rate adjustments at other facilities.

(d) "Commencement of closure" means the date on which residents and designated representatives are notified of a planned closure as provided in section 144A.161, subdivision 5a, as part of an approved closure plan.

(e) "Completion of closure" means the date on which the final resident of the nursing facility designated for closure in an approved closure plan is discharged from the facility or the date that beds from a partial closure are delicensed and decertified.

(f) "Partial closure" means the delicensure and decertification of a portion of the beds within the facility.

(g) "Planned closure rate adjustment" means an increase in a nursing facility's operating rates resulting from a planned closure or a planned partial closure of another facility.

Subd. 2.Applications for planned closure rate.

(a) To be considered for approval of a planned closure, an application must include:

(1) a description of the proposed closure plan, which must include identification of the facility or facilities to receive a planned closure rate adjustment;

(2) the proposed timetable for any proposed closure, including the proposed dates for announcement to residents, commencement of closure, and completion of closure;

(3) if available, the proposed relocation plan for current residents of any facility designated for closure. If a relocation plan is not available, the application must include a statement agreeing to develop a relocation plan designed to comply with section 144A.161;

(4) a description of the relationship between the nursing facility that is proposed for closure and the nursing facility or facilities proposed to receive the planned closure rate adjustment. If these facilities are not under common ownership, copies of any contracts, purchase agreements, or other documents establishing a relationship or proposed relationship must be provided; and

(5) documentation, in a format approved by the commissioner, that all the nursing facilities receiving a planned closure rate adjustment under the plan have accepted joint and several liability for recovery of overpayments under section 256B.0641, subdivision 2, for the facilities designated for closure under the plan.

(b) The application must also address the criteria listed in subdivision 3.

Subd. 3.Criteria for review of application.

In reviewing and approving closure proposals, the commissioner shall consider, but not be limited to, the following criteria:

(1) improved quality of care and quality of life for consumers;

(2) closure of a nursing facility that has a poor physical plant;

(3) the existence of excess nursing facility beds, measured in terms of beds per thousand persons aged 85 or older. The excess must be measured in reference to:

(i) the county in which the facility is located. A facility in a county that is in the lowest quartile of counties with reference to beds per thousand persons aged 85 or older is not in an area of excess capacity;

(ii) the county and all contiguous counties;

(iii) the region in which the facility is located; or

(iv) the facility's service area. The facility shall indicate in its application the service area it believes is appropriate for this measurement;

(4) low-occupancy rates, provided that the unoccupied beds are not the result of a personnel shortage. In analyzing occupancy rates, the commissioner shall examine waiting lists in the applicant facility and at facilities in the surrounding area, as determined under clause (3);

(5) evidence of coordination between the community planning process and the facility application. If the planning group does not support a level of nursing facility closures that the commissioner considers to be reasonable, the commissioner may approve a planned closure proposal without its support;

(6) proposed usage of funds available from a planned closure rate adjustment for care-related purposes;

(7) innovative use planned for the closed facility's physical plant;

(8) evidence that the proposal serves the interests of the state; and

(9) evidence of other factors that affect the viability of the facility, including excessive nursing pool costs.

Subd. 4.Review and approval of applications.

(a) The commissioner, in consultation with the commissioner of health, shall approve or deny an application within 30 days after receiving it. The commissioner may appoint an advisory review panel composed of representatives of counties, consumers, and providers to review proposals and provide comments and recommendations to the committee. The commissioners of human services and health shall provide staff and technical assistance to the committee for the review and analysis of proposals.

(b) Approval of a planned closure expires 18 months after approval by the commissioner unless commencement of closure has begun.

(c) The commissioner may change any provision of the application to which the applicant, the regional planning group, and the commissioner agree.

Subd. 5.Planned closure rate adjustment.

(a) The commissioner shall calculate the amount of the planned closure rate adjustment available under subdivision 6 according to clauses (1) to (4):

(1) the amount available is the net reduction of nursing facility beds multiplied by $2,080;

(2) the total number of beds in the nursing facility or facilities receiving the planned closure rate adjustment must be identified;

(3) capacity days are determined by multiplying the number determined under clause (2) by 365; and

(4) the planned closure rate adjustment is the amount available in clause (1), divided by capacity days determined under clause (3).

(b) A planned closure rate adjustment under this section is effective on the first day of the month of January or July, whichever occurs immediately following completion of closure of the facility designated for closure in the application and becomes part of the nursing facility's external fixed payment rate.

(c) Upon the request of a closing facility, the commissioner must allow the facility a closure rate adjustment as provided under section 144A.161, subdivision 10.

(d) A facility that has received a planned closure rate adjustment may reassign it to another facility that is under the same ownership at any time within three years of its effective date. The amount of the adjustment is computed according to paragraph (a).

(e) If the per bed dollar amount specified in paragraph (a), clause (1), is increased, the commissioner shall recalculate planned closure rate adjustments for facilities that delicense beds under this section on or after July 1, 2001, to reflect the increase in the per bed dollar amount. The recalculated planned closure rate adjustment is effective from the date the per bed dollar amount is increased.

Subd. 6.Assignment of closure rate to another facility.

A facility or facilities reimbursed under this chapter with a closure plan approved by the commissioner under subdivision 4 may assign a planned closure rate adjustment to another facility or facilities that are not closing or in the case of a partial closure, to the facility undertaking the partial closure. A facility may also elect to have a planned closure rate adjustment shared equally by the five nursing facilities with the lowest total operating payment rates in the state development region designated under section 462.385, in which the facility that is closing is located. The planned closure rate adjustment must be calculated under subdivision 5. Facilities that delicense beds without a closure plan, or whose closure plan is not approved by the commissioner, are not eligible to assign a planned closure rate adjustment under subdivision 5, unless they: (1) are delicensing five or fewer beds, or less than six percent of their total licensed bed capacity, whichever is greater; (2) are located in a county in the top three quartiles of beds per 1,000 persons aged 65 or older; and (3) have not delicensed beds in the prior three months. Facilities meeting these criteria are eligible to assign the amount calculated under subdivision 5 to themselves. If a facility is delicensing the greater of six or more beds, or six percent or more of its total licensed bed capacity, and does not have an approved closure plan or is not eligible for the adjustment under subdivision 5, the commissioner shall calculate the amount the facility would have been eligible to assign under subdivision 5, and shall use this amount to provide equal rate adjustments to the five nursing facilities with the lowest total operating payment rates in the state development region designated under section 462.385, in which the facility that delicensed beds is located.

Subd. 7.Other rate adjustments.

Facilities receiving planned closure rate adjustments remain eligible for any applicable rate adjustments provided under this chapter.

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