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Subdivision 1.Documentation.

(a) The applicant or certification holder must submit and maintain documentation of a completed background study for:

(1) each person applying for the certification;

(2) each person identified as a center operator or program operator as defined in section 245H.01, subdivision 3;

(3) each current or prospective staff person or contractor of the certified center who will have direct contact with a child served by the center;

(4) each volunteer who has direct contact with a child served by the center if the contact is not under the continuous, direct supervision by an individual listed in clause (1), (2), or (3); and

(5) each managerial staff person of the certification holder with oversight and supervision of the certified center.

(b) To be accepted for certification, a background study on every individual in paragraph (a), clause (1), must be completed under chapter 245C and result in a not disqualified determination under section 245C.14 or a disqualification that was set aside under section 245C.22.

Subd. 2.Direct contact.

(a) The subject of the background study may not provide direct contact services to a child served by a certified center unless the subject is under continuous direct supervision pending completion of the background study.

(b) The certified center must document in the staff person's personnel file the date the program initiates a background study and the date the subject of the study first had direct contact with a child served by the center.