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Subdivision 1.Registration certificate or permit required.

No person may operate as a motor carrier or advertise or otherwise hold out as a motor carrier without a certificate of registration or permit in effect. A certificate or permit may be suspended or revoked upon conviction of violating a provision of sections 221.012 to 221.291 or an order or rule of the commissioner governing the operation of motor carriers, and upon a finding by the court that the violation was willful. The commissioner may, for good cause after a hearing, suspend or revoke a certificate or permit for a violation of a provision of sections 221.012 to 221.291 or an order issued or rule adopted under this chapter.

Subd. 2.Sanctions.

The commissioner may suspend, revoke, or deny renewal of a certificate of registration for (1) serious or repeated violations of this chapter, or (2) a pattern of repeated violations of local ordinances governing traffic and parking.

Subd. 3.Hearing.

A motor carrier affected by an action of the commissioner under subdivision 2 may, within 20 days of receipt of a notice of the commissioner's action, request an administrative hearing by following the procedures in section 221.036, subdivision 7.