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The practice of genetic counseling by a licensed genetic counselor includes the following services:

(1) obtaining and interpreting individual and family medical and developmental histories;

(2) determining the mode of inheritance and the risk of transmitting genetic conditions and birth defects;

(3) discussing the inheritance, features, natural history, means of diagnosis, and management of conditions with clients;

(4) identifying, coordinating, ordering, and explaining the clinical implications of genetic laboratory tests and other laboratory studies;

(5) assessing psychosocial factors, including social, educational, and cultural issues;

(6) providing client-centered counseling and anticipatory guidance to the client or family based on their responses to the condition, risk of occurrence, or risk of recurrence;

(7) facilitating informed decision-making about testing and management;

(8) identifying and using community resources that provide medical, educational, financial, and psychosocial support and advocacy; and

(9) providing accurate written medical, genetic, and counseling information for families and health care professionals.