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(a) Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, the payment of the following necessary, reasonable and direct expenses of maintaining, protecting and administering the special fund, when provided for in the bylaws of the association and approved by the board of trustees, constitutes authorized administrative expenses of a volunteer firefighters' relief association organized under any law of this state or the Bloomington Fire Department Relief Association:

(1) office expense, including, but not limited to, rent, utilities, equipment, supplies, postage, periodical subscriptions, furniture, fixtures, and salaries of administrative personnel;

(2) salaries of the officers of the association, or their designees, and salaries of the members of the board of trustees of the association if the salary amounts are approved by the governing body of the entity that is responsible for meeting any minimum obligation under section 424A.092 or 424A.093, or Laws 2013, chapter 111, article 5, sections 31 to 42, and the itemized expenses of relief association officers and board members that are incurred as a result of fulfilling their responsibilities as administrators of the special fund;

(3) tuition, registration fees, organizational dues, and other authorized expenses of the officers or members of the board of trustees incurred in attending educational conferences, seminars, or classes relating to the administration of the relief association;

(4) audit and audit-related services, accounting and accounting-related services, and actuarial, medical, legal, and investment and performance evaluation expenses;

(5) filing and application fees payable by the relief association to federal or other governmental entities;

(6) reimbursement to the officers and members of the board of trustees, or their designees, for reasonable and necessary expenses actually paid and incurred in the performance of their duties as officers or members of the board; and

(7) premiums on fiduciary liability insurance and official bonds for the officers, members of the board of trustees, and employees of the relief association.

(b) Any other expenses of the relief association must be paid from the general fund of the association, if one exists. If a relief association has only one fund, that fund is the special fund for purposes of this section. If a relief association has a special fund and a general fund, and any expense of the relief association that is directly related to the purposes for which both funds were established, the payment of that expense must be apportioned between the two funds on the basis of the benefits derived by each fund.

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Revisor of Statutes