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A judicial proceeding involving a trust may relate to one or more of the following matters:

(1) to confirm an action taken by a trustee;

(2) upon the filing of an account, to settle and allow the account;

(3) to determine the persons having an interest in the income or principal of the trust and the nature and extent of their interests;

(4) to construe, interpret, or reform the terms of a trust, or authorize a deviation from the terms of a trust, including a proceeding involving section 501B.31;

(5) to approve payment of the trustee's, attorney, or accountant fees, or any other fees to be charged against the trust;

(6) to confirm the appointment of a trustee;

(7) to accept a trustee's resignation and discharge the trustee from the trust as provided in section 501C.0705;

(8) to require a trustee to account;

(9) to remove a trustee as provided in section 501C.0706;

(10) to appoint a successor trustee when required by the terms of the trust instrument or when by reason of death, resignation, removal, or other cause there is no acting trustee;

(11) to appoint an additional trustee or special fiduciary whether or not a vacancy in trusteeship exists as provided in section 501C.0704;

(12) to confirm an act taken by a person with respect to a trust while there was no acting trustee or otherwise in compliance with section 501C.0701;

(13) to subject a trust to or remove a trust from continuing court supervision under section 501C.0205;

(14) to mortgage, lease, sell, or otherwise dispose of real property held by the trustee notwithstanding any contrary provision of the trust instrument;

(15) to suspend the powers and duties of a trustee in military service or war service, in accordance with section 525.95, and to order further action authorized in that section;

(16) to secure compliance with the provisions of sections 501B.33 to 501B.45, in accordance with section 501B.41, relating to charitable trusts;

(17) to determine the validity of a disclaimer under sections 524.2-1101 to 524.2-1116;

(18) to transfer the trust's principal place of administration as provided in section 501C.0108;

(19) to redress a breach of trust;

(20) to terminate a trust;

(21) to divide a trust or to merge two or more trusts as provided in section 501C.0417;

(22) to approve a nonjudicial settlement as provided in section 501C.0111;

(23) to approve, modify, or object to a proposed trust decanting as provided in section 502.851; or

(24) to instruct the trustee regarding any matter involving the trust's administration or the discharge of the trustee's duties, including a request for instructions and an action to declare rights.

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