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(a) A member may purchase additional salary credit for a period specified in this section.

(b) The applicable period is a period during which the member is receiving a reduced salary from the employer while the member is:

(1) receiving temporary workers' compensation payments related to the member's service to the public employer;

(2) on an authorized leave of absence; or

(3) on an authorized partial paid leave of absence as a result of a budgetary or salary savings program offered or mandated by a governmental subdivision.

(c) The differential salary amount is the difference between the average monthly salary received by the member during the period of reduced salary under this section and the average monthly salary of the member, excluding overtime, on which contributions to the applicable plan were made during the period of the last six months of covered employment occurring immediately before the period of reduced salary, applied to the member's normal employment period, measured in hours or otherwise, as applicable.

(d) To receive eligible salary credit, the member shall pay an amount equal to:

(1) the applicable employee contribution rate under section 353.27, subdivision 2; 353.65, subdivision 2; or 353E.03, subdivision 1, as applicable, multiplied by the differential salary amount;

(2) plus an employer equivalent payment equal to the applicable employer contribution rate in section 353.27, subdivision 3; 353.65, subdivision 3; or 353E.03, subdivision 2, as applicable, multiplied by the differential salary amount;

(3) plus, if applicable, an equivalent employer additional amount equal to the additional employer contribution rate in section 353.27, subdivision 3a, multiplied by the differential salary amount.

(e) The employer, by appropriate action of its governing body and documented in its official records, may pay the employer equivalent contributions and, as applicable, the equivalent employer additional contributions on behalf of the member.

(f) Payment under this section must include interest on the contribution amount or amounts, whichever applies, at an 8.5 percent annual rate until June 30, 2015, and at an eight percent annual rate thereafter, prorated for applicable months from the date on which the period of reduced salary specified under this section terminates to the date on which the payment or payments are received by the executive director. Payment under this section must be completed within the earlier of 30 days from termination of public service by the employee under section 353.01, subdivision 11a, or one year after the termination of the period specified in paragraph (b), as further restricted under this section.

(g) The period for which additional allowable salary credit may be purchased is limited to the period during which the person receives temporary workers' compensation payments or for those business years in which the governmental subdivision offers or mandates a budget or salary savings program, as certified to the executive director by a resolution of the governing body of the governmental subdivision. For an authorized leave of absence, the period for which allowable salary credit may be purchased may not exceed 12 months of authorized leave.

(h) To purchase salary credit for a subsequent period of temporary workers' compensation benefits or subsequent authorized medical leave of absence, the member must return to public service and render a minimum of three months of allowable service.