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82A.08 [Repealed, 2014 c 222 art 1 s 58]

NOTE: Subdivision 1 was also amended by Laws 2014, chapter 222, article 2, section 9, to read as follows:

"Subdivision 1.Requirement.

During the period a registration is effective, the membership camping operator shall file an annual report in a format the commissioner may reasonably prescribe. Every annual report shall be due by the 120th day following the end of the operator's fiscal year, unless extended in writing by the commissioner for good cause. The annual report shall:

(1) specify the aggregate number of membership camping contracts sold in this state pursuant to the registration or any amendment thereof;

(2) specify the number of membership camping contracts and aggregate dollar amount of all sales of membership camping contracts in this state by the membership camping operator since the date the registration became effective, or since the last annual report was filed with the commissioner, whatever date is later;

(3) specify any exemption from registration claimed for any sale described in clause (2);

(4) include an audited or unaudited financial statement consisting of a balance sheet for the membership camping operator's last fiscal year end and an income statement for the 12 months next preceding the date of the balance sheet, both prepared by an independent certified public accountant; and

(5) provide such other information as the commissioner may by rule or order reasonably require to administer the provisions of this chapter, including but not limited to, audited financial statements."

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