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Subdivision 1.Definitions.

(a) For purposes of this section, the terms defined in this subdivision have the meanings given them.

(b) "Postsecondary institution" means an institution that meets the eligibility requirements under section 136A.103 to participate in state financial aid programs.

(c) "Program" means a study abroad program offered or approved for credit by a postsecondary institution in which program participants travel outside of the United States in connection with an educational experience.

Subd. 2.Report.

(a) A postsecondary institution must file by November 1 of each year a report on its programs with the secretary of state. The report must contain the following information from the previous academic year, including summer terms:

(1) deaths of program participants that occurred during program participation as a result of program participation; and

(2) accidents and illnesses that occurred during program participation as a result of program participation and that required hospitalization.

Information reported under clause (1) may be supplemented by a brief explanatory statement.

(b) A postsecondary institution must report to the secretary of state annually by November 1 whether its program complies with health and safety standards set by the Forum on Education Abroad or a similar study abroad program standard setting agency.

Subd. 3.Secretary of state; publication of program information.

(a) The secretary of state must publish the reports required by subdivision 2 on its Web site in a format that facilitates identifying information related to a particular postsecondary institution.

(b) The secretary of state shall publish on its Web site the best available information by country on sexual assaults and other criminal acts affecting study abroad program participants during program participation. This information shall not be limited to programs subject to this section.

Subd. 4.Office of Higher Education.

The secretary of state shall provide the information it posts on its Web site under subdivision 3 to the Office of Higher Education, in electronic format, at the time it posts the information. The Office of Higher Education shall post the information on its Web site and may otherwise distribute the information. In materials distributed or posted, the Office of Higher Education must reference this section.

Subd. 5.Program material.

A postsecondary institution must include in its written materials provided to prospective program participants a link to the secretary of state Web site stating that program health and safety information is available at the Web site.

NOTE: This section, as added by Laws 2014, chapter 312, article 1, section 5, is effective August 1, 2014, provided that the initial reports under subdivision 2 are due November 1, 2015. Laws 2014, chapter 312, article 1, section 5, the effective date.

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