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Subdivision 1.Establishment.

There is established, in Ramsey County, a Community Corrections Department in connection with the courts of the Second Judicial District. The department is in the charge of a director who shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of a Corrections Management Committee comprised of three judges of the Second Judicial District appointed by the chief judge of the district and three members of the board of county commissioners appointed by the chair of the board. The director shall have full authority and responsibility for the administration, operation, and supervision of all functions and services of the department, and shall carry out that authority and responsibility within the organizational structure and reporting relationship that is in accord with county board and judicial district administrative policies. Salary of the director shall be set by the county board of commissioners upon recommendation of the Corrections Management Committee.

Subd. 2.Officers, employees.

The director may employ an assistant director, a superintendent, and assistant superintendent for each correctional facility in the county, and three principal assistants or division supervisors, all of whom shall serve at the pleasure of the director in the unclassified service. The director shall define the duties of these employees and may delegate powers, duties and responsibilities to them. Any officer or employee of the department shall exercise delegated powers under the control of and subject to conditions prescribed by the director. The salaries shall be set by the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners.

Subd. 3.Office room and records.

Ramsey County shall provide the director and department personnel with suitable furnished office rooms, record books, stationery, postage, expenses of investigation and visitation ordered by the court, and the other actual expenses as are required for the proper execution of their duties.

Subd. 4.Official attendance at court.

The director or a department person designated by the director shall be present in the juvenile court of the judge having chambers in the county at each regular session, and shall be present in the district court and any other court now or hereafter established in the county when so requested by a judge of that court.

Subd. 5.Duties of department.

The duties of the department are:

(1) To supervise persons placed on probation by any of the judges of any of the courts of Ramsey County, to keep accurate records of this supervision, and to make reports thereon.

(2) To make investigations with regard to a child or person as may be ordered by the court before, during, or after the trial or hearing of the child or person, and shall furnish to the court the information, recommendations, and assistance as may be required.

(3) To inquire into the nature of every juvenile delinquency or criminal matter in any court where authorized to appear and have supervision of the child or person during the continuance or suspension of sentence or order of commitment, and in general, perform the acts with reference thereto as the court may direct. In the execution of official duties, the department personnel shall have all the power of a peace officer.

(4) To perform the duties required of probation officers by law, including but not limited to, chapter 260, and acts amendatory thereof, and the Criminal Code of 1963, and acts amendatory thereof.

(5) To provide for psychiatric, psychological, and medical diagnosis or services for a person when directed or ordered by a court of the county, or when the services are part of the probation and investigation process.

(6) To make collections of support money in divorce and other actions when ordered by a judge of a court of the county and to make collections of money and property when ordered to be paid as restitution or reimbursement and to turn over the money or property to the person or persons entitled thereto as directed by the court.

(7) To make investigations both as to custody and other matters and provide counseling in domestic relation cases as required and to exercise supervision over children and other persons in the cases that the court directs.

(8) To perform other duties for the protection of children and parents as a court of the county directs.

(9) To provide services as marital counseling, taking of wage assignments, financial reports, marriage consent investigations, and other duties as a court of the county directs.

(10) To make all necessary inquiries and prepare petitions for withdrawals from minor trust funds when directed by the judge of the district court.

(11) To perform other acts in relation to the above listed duties and any other services as the courts of the district direct.

Subd. 6.Annual report.

The director shall report, annually, to the District Court of the Second Judicial District with reference to the conditions and disposition and other pertinent facts relative to the work of the department and shall furnish a copy of the report to the board of county commissioners, the commissioner of human services, and to the commissioner of corrections.

Subd. 7.Salaries payable out of Ramsey County treasury.

All annual salaries for the Community Corrections Department shall be payable out of the Ramsey County treasury.

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