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Subdivision 1.Approval required.

All terminations, cancellations, and transfers of apprenticeship agreements shall be approved by the division in writing. The division must be notified in writing by the sponsor within 45 days of all terminations, cancellations, or transfer of apprenticeship agreements.

Subd. 2.Signatures required.

Apprenticeship agreements shall be signed by the sponsor, and by the apprentice, and if the apprentice is a minor, by a parent or legal guardian. When a minor enters into an apprenticeship agreement under this chapter for a period of learning extending into majority, the apprenticeship agreement shall likewise be binding for such a period as may be covered during the apprentice's majority.

Subd. 3.Contents.

Every apprenticeship agreement entered into under this chapter shall contain:

(1) the names of the contracting parties, and the signatures required by subdivision 1;

(2) the date of birth, and information as to the race and sex of the apprentice, and, on a voluntary basis, the apprentice's Social Security number;

(3) contact information of the sponsor and the division;

(4) a statement of the trade or occupation which the apprentice is to be taught, the date on which the apprenticeship will begin, and the number of hours to be spent by the apprentice in work and the number of hours to be spent in concurrent, related instruction;

(5) a statement of the wages to be paid the apprentice under sections 178.036, subdivision 2, paragraph (e), and 178.044, as applicable;

(6) a statement listing any fringe benefits to be provided to the apprentice;

(7) a statement incorporating as part of the agreement the registered standards of the apprenticeship program on the date of the agreement and as they may be amended during the period of the agreement;

(8) a statement that the apprentice will be accorded equal opportunity in all phases of apprenticeship employment and training, without discrimination due to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability, receipt of public assistance, or age; and

(9) such additional terms and conditions as may be prescribed or approved by the commissioner not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter.

NOTE: The amendment to this section by Laws 2014, chapter 305, section 9, is effective January 1, 2015. Laws 2014, chapter 305, section 9, the effective date.

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