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Mortgages upon land registered under sections 508A.01 to 508A.85 may be foreclosed in the same manner as mortgages upon unregistered land. Where the mortgage is upon registered land it shall be sufficient to authorize the foreclosure of it by advertisement, if the mortgage and all assignments of it have been registered, and a memorial of it duly entered upon the CPT. When a mortgage upon the registered land is foreclosed by advertisement, the notice of foreclosure shall state the date of the mortgage, when and where registered, and the fact of registration. All laws relating to the foreclosure of mortgages upon unregistered land shall apply to mortgages upon land registered under sections 508A.01 to 508A.85, or any estate or interest therein, except as herein provided, and except that a notice of the pendency of any suit or proceeding to enforce or foreclose the mortgage or other charge upon the land shall be filed with the registrar, and a memorial of it entered on the CPT before the first date of publication of the foreclosure notice but not sooner than six months before the first date of publication. A notice so filed and registered shall be notice to the registrar and to all persons thereafter dealing with the land or any part of it and satisfies the requirements of section 580.032, subdivision 3, with respect to registered land. In all foreclosures, all certificates and affidavits permitted or required by law to be recorded with the county recorder shall be filed with the registrar who shall register them.

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