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Subdivision 1.Who must pay.

Except for the limitation contained in this section, the commissioner of health may enter into a contractual agreement to recover costs incurred for analysis for diagnostic purposes for each specimen submitted to the Department of Health by any hospital, laboratory, clinic, or physician. The commissioner shall not charge for any biological materials submitted to the Department of Health as a requirement of Minnesota Rules, part 4605.7040, or for those biological materials requested by the department to gather information for disease prevention or control purposes. The commissioner of health may establish other exceptions to the handling fee as may be necessary to protect the public's health. Funds generated in a contractual agreement made pursuant to this section shall be deposited in a special account and are appropriated to the commissioner for purposes of providing the services specified in the contracts. All such contractual agreements shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of chapter 16C.

[See Note.]

Subd. 2.Fee amounts.

The commissioner of health shall charge a handling fee prescribed in subdivision 1. The fee shall approximate the costs to the department of handling specimens including reporting, postage, specimen kit preparation, and overhead costs. The fee prescribed in subdivision 1 shall be $25 per specimen.

[See Note.]

NOTE: The amendment to subdivision 1 by Laws 2013, chapter 108, article 12, section 13, is effective July 1, 2014. Laws 2013, chapter 108, article 12, section 13, the effective date.

NOTE: Subdivision 2 is repealed effective July 1, 2014. Laws 2013, chapter 108, article 12, section 109.

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