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Subdivision 1.Witness and attorney fees.

In each proceeding under sections 252A.01 to 252A.21, the court shall allow and order paid to each witness subpoenaed the fees and mileage prescribed by law; to each physician, psychologist, or social worker who assists in the preparation of the comprehensive evaluation and who is not in the employ of the local agency or the state Department of Human Services, a reasonable sum for services and for travel; and to the ward's counsel, when appointed by the court, a reasonable sum for travel and for each day or portion of a day actually employed in court or actually consumed in preparing for the hearing. Upon order the county auditor shall issue a warrant on the county treasurer for payment of the amount allowed.

Subd. 2.Expenses.

When the settlement of the ward is found to be in another county, the court shall transmit to the county auditor a statement of the expenses incurred pursuant to subdivision 1. The auditor shall transmit the statement to the auditor of the county of the ward's settlement and this claim shall be paid as other claims against that county. If the auditor to whom this claim is transmitted denies the claim, the auditor shall transmit it, together with the objections thereto, to the commissioner, who shall determine the question of settlement and certify findings to each auditor. If the claim is not paid within 30 days after such certification, an action may be maintained thereon in the district court of the claimant county.

Subd. 3.Change of venue; cost of proceedings.

Whenever venue of a proceeding has been transferred under sections 252A.01 to 252A.21, the costs of such proceedings shall be reimbursed to the county of the ward's settlement by the state.

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